12 Gauge – 00 Buck – 9P – Flite Control Wad – 2 3/4 – Federal (LE132 00) – 500 Rounds

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Quantity – 250 Rounds (50 Boxes of 5 Rounds)

Manufacturer – Federal

Bullet – 00 Buck 9 Pellet (FliteControl Wad)

Shell – New 2-¾” Plastic Hull


Federal has been producing quality 12 gauge ammunition for nearly a century with a focus on using cutting edge technology for the most dependable product available. The Federal LE132 00 buckshot with Flite Control Wad transforms your basic shotgun into a precision firearm, perfect for self-defense or hunting.


This round is not different, including some of the latest advances in shotgun ammunition to date. Each round is loaded right here in the United States and features an impressive array of components, each selected to provide the best performance and tightest pattern shot after shot. A full power 9 pellet design it delivers velocities of 1145 feet per second. The copper-plated shot resists deformation and FLITECONTROL wad provides consistent patterning without expensive barrel alterations or aftermarket chock tubes.


Now, instead of investing in expensive equipment, you can achieve the same high performance from a standard shotgun by upgrading your ammunition. Whether you are a hunter chasing a trophy buck, defending your family at home, or defending our nation’s streets the 12-gauge Buck 9P Flite Control Wad 2 ¾ round by Federal answers the call. Buy in bulk and shoot more for less money.


Ammo Caliber

12 Gauge


Bullet Type

00 Buck


Bullet Weight

9 Pellet



2-3/4″ Shell Length








Manufacturer SKU

LE132 00







2 reviews for 12 Gauge – 00 Buck – 9P – Flite Control Wad – 2 3/4 – Federal (LE132 00) – 500 Rounds

  1. clientservice

    Ran these rounds in a Bennelli M2 Tactical. When I opened the box, each round seemed very light compared to other 00 buck I’ve shot. Unfortunately, I had constant FTE’s. I then loaded up a different brand of 00 buck, bird shot, and slugs, no problems. I still have hope for this round! I’m cleaning the shotgun and trying again next weekend, again hopefully it’s the gun and not the round…

  2. clientservice

    I teach in a LE academy. Our students shoot regular buckshot loads (lowest price bid) throughout the course until qualification. We then introduce them to Federal Flight Control in their final practice phase before and during qualification. As long as the students due their part, they have no problem keeping all the shot in the scoring area. The tight pattern of FFC allows an increased student success rate.
    Oh BTW, students must score 100 percent to qualify.

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