250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by NobelSport LE – 12 Pellet 00 Buck

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This 12 Gauge shotshell from NobelSport’s Law Enforcement line of ammunition will give you the power to protect whatever you hold dear. It’s loaded with twelve pellets of double-aught buck, 0.33” diameter lead balls which issue out of the muzzle at a supersonic velocity to wreak utter havoc wherever they land. NobelSport’s plastic wad ensures tight, even dispersal of the little cannonballs, so you can count on the accuracy that effectively wielding so powerful a weapon as a 12 Gauge demands.

Based in Italy, NobelSport specializes in the production of hard-working shotshells, whether they’re used for busting clays or inconveniencing home intruders. Their shotgun primers are non-corrosive and reliable until the day they’re finally brought to life with the fall of a firing pin. Their consistently loaded propellant burns clean to spare you the inconvenience of frequent cleaning, and this shell’s contents are held snugly in place by a quality steel-headed hull and sturdy plastic card.

4 reviews for 250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by NobelSport LE – 12 Pellet 00 Buck

  1. clientservice

    Bought a case to get accustomed to the first gun I’ve ever owned. Needless to say, since this is the first ammo I’ve shot out of the first gun I’ve bought I don’t know much to compare it to. However I can say that these rounds work just fine and pattern fairly consistently. I’ve shot ~200 of them thus far and each one packs a punch and a good pattern with very few stray balls. This stuff is the real deal – high brass 00 buckshot – so naturally expect heavy recoil (after 50 shells my range day was thoroughly done) and big impact – there’s no 2nd chances with this stuff – if the firing pin hits the back of that shell, there will be big consequences.

  2. clientservice

    I read several INTERNET reviews of Barrel Ammo depot prior to purchase and noticed several complaints about extended time to receive their purchase or something else about the product. Because the prices were competitve for the same ammunition on other sites, I decided to give them a try. I checked Barrel Ammo’s website about availability and verified my purchase. The product I received is as advertised. Appears to be a quality product from said manufacturer. (I have no opinion on the ammo performance at this time, so the rating I gave is not indicative. I was required to input something to complete this review.) This being my second order from Ammo was just as pleasing as the first, fast and correct. I placed the order using my CC and found my order on the front porch in less than a week (faster than I expected, same as with my first order). I very much appreciate the “overbox” packaging and that it is reasonable in cost. Overall I would recommend Barrel Ammo depot to anyone looking for popular ammo at reasonable prices and with faster than expected delivery.

  3. clientservice

    hot a little over 100 shells so far with 0 failures. When all was said and done the price came to about 10 dollars less than what it would have been at if I bought my regular Winchester 4 shot shells at another place.

  4. clientservice

    Ouch my shoulder hurts! LOL. Nice loads. 12 pellets of 00 in each round. Thought it was going to be 8. Shot 20 through my KSG and no problems at all. Excellent product.

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