50 Rounds of .17HM2 Ammo by Hornady – 17gr V-MAX

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This Hornady ammunition is ideal for small game hunting. Part of Hornady’s Varmint Express Rimfire product line, it features a 17 grain V-MAX bullet, which will quickly fragment upon impact, leading to efficient and humane hunts. Also, the V-MAX’s polymer tip and aerodynamic design guarantees an accurate and stable flight trajectory. All these attributes make this ammo a great option for varmint hunts, where precision and accuracy are critical.

This ammunition is made in Hornady’s Nebraska facility, and it lives up to Hornady’s reputation of high-quality American manufacturing. Each round is inspected by hand before being boxed up and shipped out to help you take your favorite small game, from squirrel to coyote

4 reviews for 50 Rounds of .17HM2 Ammo by Hornady – 17gr V-MAX

  1. clientservice

    Works great in my Colt 1911 22lr

  2. clientservice

    never jams, out of my 10/22 at least. i shoot ir50/50, consistently score over 240(10x).

  3. clientservice

    Flawless performance every time. This ammo is designed for match shooting. That means precision, accurate, planned shooting from a match rifle.
    The reviews that rate this stuff bad are probably shooting it in a semi auto as fast as they can pull the trigger. Ammo is only part of the equation, rifle is the other part. Don’t buy this ammo to plink or just rapid fire, use cheap ammo for that.

  4. clientservice

    Bought this stuff and wasnt feeling it the moment i got on range. Jammed at least once or twice per 10 round mag. The ammo was very oily and dirty. Left a lot of residue on my rifle and had to give it a very deep clean to get it shooting right again.

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