50 Rounds of .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech – 240gr SJSP

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What could be more American than the 44 magnum? One of the most powerful revolver rounds ever made, this 240 grain Semi Jacketed Soft point standard pressure loading by Magtech is boasting 1,180 feet per second and an impressive 742 foot lbs of energy at the muzzle. This round is estimated to lose only 8 inches of elevation at 100 yards down range. This will make a long shot at 100 yards very manageable, yet still providing a good test of skill for you with your revolver. These results were gathered from a 4 inch test barrel for a realistic representation of what you can expect out of your personal revolver.


This 44 mag ammo was designed for anything from plinking, to serious training, all the way to hunting. The partial exposed soft point allows it to expand on impact, but will hold together for better penetration than a non jacketed projectile, and allow for a great amount of energy transfer which is what makes this round ideal for hunting.


Magtech has been making high quality ammunition for various purposes for a long time, so you can trust that you will get a high quality product at a fair price. Give this 44 magnum load a chance to show you what it can do, and why this caliber is truly iconic.

4 reviews for 50 Rounds of .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech – 240gr SJSP

  1. clientservice

    I use this ammo in my Henry Big Boy and it is exceptionally accurate and consistent. Much better than expected at this price. I’m buying more…much more.

  2. clientservice

    Great price and service I have found my ammunition store

  3. clientservice

    Use these rounds in my levelers and my wheel guns. Haven’t had any problems with them in the past three hundred rounds. The old Marlin 1984 got a little stiff when speed firing with that load but no problem. The wheel guns after 15 to 20 rounds only problem was my hands. Was holding my breath trying to find 44 ammo because of other needs 7.62 was getting low at the time. As usual Steve and the crew came up with 44 ammo in a market place that is nuts right now. You all did good.

  4. clientservice

    Shot 235lb auodad goat on ranch at 45 yds with 44 mag revol these goats are hard kill even with rifle dropped dead right in his track huge wound track

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