Prvi 10mm 170 Grain Jacketed Flat Point Ammunition (50 Rounds)

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Prvi Ammo 10mm 170 Grain Jacketed Flat Point (50) 10/Cs

6 reviews for Prvi 10mm 170 Grain Jacketed Flat Point Ammunition (50 Rounds)

  1. clientservice

    This ammo works great on bowling pins at 8 yds. Cleared the table quickly every string. Accurate and reliable

  2. clientservice

    10mm ammo is just not what it used to me unless you reload or but from Underwood or Double Tap. These are good for just shooting, but if you bought the 10mm for the added punch, these just wont excite. Price is good enough, but they’re really no more powerful than a .40 ca round.

  3. clientservice

    This ammo is great range ammo, with no hiccups. This ammo and my rock island 1911 with 2″ at 50 yards no problem. 10mm ammo under 20 bucks for 50 rounds. Thanks S.G.

  4. clientservice

    This is excellent ammo that goes bang every time you pull the trigger. I would need a hotter load for some of my 10 mm pistols so I can only use this in certain ones that don’t have such a heavy spring otherwise this is fantastic ammunition for practice. Also if you practice a lot, as you should, the price for this ammunition is fantastic!

  5. clientservice

    A year or so ago, the 10mm popularity finally swung into high gear. But if you could find 10mm ammo it was priced over $30.00. Sportsman’s Guide came to our rescue with several imported brands of ammo with great prices! I wondered about imported stuff for a couple weeks, but decided I wanted to shoot my new pistol more than I could afford to. I tried two of the imports in my next SG order, and I was very pleasantly surprised! It might just be my pistol, a box-stock CZ Dan Wesson Bruin, but with PPU ammo I have shot my best groups! And I have not had one single FTF or FTE malfunction. So yeah, I bought more PPU!

  6. clientservice

    Used to help break in a new G 40 mos, seemed a little light loaded for that pistol as the slide failed to lock back twice on the last round and had two failure to feeds in 100 rounds, but they all went bang. Keep in mind the pistol used has a long heavy slide so your mileage may vary.

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